What are your membership options?

Option #1

Monthly Access

Monthly access is for the wellness professional who likes to play it safe, who may not be ready to commit to their business goals for the entire year just yet, and want to ease into this process of what to offer. This is perfect for you if you’d like to have some recipes on hand and drip them out to see how your audience and clients enjoy them, but you aren’t ready to commit to offering a monthly membership to your clients where you can earn over $3,000 each month.

Option #2

Year-Round Access

Year-Round access is for the go-getter, the wellness professional who has big dreams to offer recipes in their one to one coaching, add the recipes to their newsletters or social media posts, and who dream of having their own membership where clients join for $67/month. You want to get at least 50 paying membership clients and earn over $3,000/month and you want US to help YOU get the work done.